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Breath of Fire

The most powerful breathing technique I know is an exercise called the fire breath, a form of Pranayama. Prana is the term for the life force energy attached to the oxygen in the air we breathe. I do this exercise every morning to push out the old breath so that I can really breathe fresh […]

Anchor Positive Affirmations into your DNA

Using your index and second finger tap your thymus three times and then touch your belly button once after each of the following statements. •    I am receptive to being free to be me. •    I am receptive to being free to grow into my own inner Light. •    I am receptive […]

Fifteen Power Points

Sit quietly with legs, feet and arms uncrossed. Spin chakras from right to left in the following order: 1st Chakra (located at the base of the spine). 2nd Chakra (located in the sexual root area). 3rd Chakra (located in the navel area). 4th Chakra (located in the heart area). 5th Chakra (located in the throat […]

Burning Off Negative Karma

Burning Off Negative Karma •    Sit with eyes closed.  (Don’t do this immediately after Word Power). •    Focus on third chakra. •    Internally use sound (zoooooooo) like a drill to burn karma. •    After burning karma wait a few minutes before moving. *Note:  this procedure was given to us during our […]

Millennium Technique

•    Focus on a particular thing you want (i.e., a car). •    Put thought in an elevator in mind. •    Send the elevator down to the third chakra and let it bake (visualize self and persons with thought, like  a video). •    While baking remove all thoughts of where you are, […]

Blueprint Technique

Purpose:  Create a blueprint of your life (where do you want to be in the future, what do you want to have in the future) •    Sit with eyes closed. •    Chant: “I am me and me is I”. •    Connect with the Truth inside. •    Go the 3rd Eye. •  […]

Chakra Colors and Tones

Here are some toning sounds you can do for the seven chakras, three to four minutes each is good.  Using a crystal with these toning sounds is great. Here are the tones and colors: 7th Chakra – at the Crown, Violet, sound EEEE (high pitched) 6th Chakra – at the Third Eye, Purple, sound EEEE […]

Important Closing Chakras Technique

a)    Visualize Base Chakra as Red flower, staying open. Visualize your legs turning into trees; see the roots going deep into the ground, thousands of feet into the Earth spreading in all directions. Feel your loving connection with the center of the Earth. b)    Visualize Sacral Chakra as Orange flower closing into bud! […]

Light Absorption Technique

As we approach the Eleventh Level of Lightbody mutation, our physical bodies are shifting to be able to metabolize Pure Light frequencies as nutrients.  This causes our endocrine systems to become unbalanced (especially thyroid, pancreas and adrenals), and many of us have put on weight as our bodies seek the Light that we are beginning […]

Vow Break

Divine Creator, please assist. I rescind any and all vows and contracts I have taken, anyone in this body has taken, and anyone within my genetic lineage has taken pertaining to: List anything you relate to in the list below, and vows of poverty, celibacy, obedience, hunger, promises to stay with the Dark Side etc… […]