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In Nomini Padre

In nomini Padre Et Fili Et Spiritus Sancte Abbe male spiritus Abbe male spiritus Abbe male spiritus In nomini Padre Et Fili Et Spiritus Sancte In nomini Jesus Christi Amen, Amen, Amen. (This prayer eliminates negative energy)

Celtic Words of Protection

These words are good to use around Halloween, or whenever you need extra protection from negativity. Celtic Words (First, free yourself from critters. Repeat as many times as you feel needed.) Camp Sum Sing Niht (pronounced night) A Circle of Protection Light a white candle and incense while repeating these words. (Second, this creates a […]

New Archangel Michael Prayer

Beloved Father Mother God I pray for your Divine protection on all levels of consciousness. I call for a double shield of Violet Flame in front and back, a helmet of Golden Light over my head with a mesh to the shoulders and a visor in front and golden boots on my feet. I call […]

Prayer for Our Home

Dear God, May this house be a sacred dwelling for those who live here. May those who visit feel the peace we have received from You. May darkness not enter. May the light of God shield this house from harm. May the angels bring their peace here and use our home as a haven of […]

Resonance Release

Archangel Michael, please bring the Tunnel of Light down around my holographic fields… With your Sword of Light, please remove all resonance that is not of my core Divine Essence, Divine Function and Divine Expression – NOW! With your Sword of Light, please remove all cording, inappropriate telepathic imaging (internal and external) and resistance – […]

Archangel Michael’s Clearing Prayer

I (say your name) call upon Archangel Michael to place your 5th Dimensional tube of light down over me in this lifetime, all lifetimes, all planetary systems, all solar systems, all alternate worlds, all alternative universes, all parallel worlds, all parallel universes. I ask by the grace and force of God that you use your […]

Psychic Protection Prayer

I/We humbly ask for Divine protection to protect us on all levels.  We ask for the heavenly rays to be poured upon us in abundance. I/We command the presence of the Angelic realms and for Archangels Metatron and Michael to stand at the head. May the Christ light, The Buddha light, the Mahatma Energy, the […]

Mirror Prayers For Reversing Negativity

For Those Who Need To Reverse Negative Words (receive or receiving lots of hits and attacks from words) I (call out your name) am a mirror before the words of negativity that come towards me out of the mouth(s) of (name of person(s) slandering you) and I (call out your name) send those words back […]

Protection Decree -Tube of Light

(Envision the dazzling white Light of the I Am presence of God creating an impenetrable wall of Light around you) Beloved I Am Presence bright Round me seal Your tube of Light From Ascended Master Flame Called forth now in God’s own name Let it keep my Temple free From all discord sent to me. […]

Invocation to Archangel Michael

In the name of the I Am that I Am, in the name of Jesus Christ, I call to the Heart of Archangel Michael to protect me from all imperfect energies, all forces of evil, all forces of anti-Christ, and all forces of anti-Peace. In the name of Jesus Christ, in the name of my […]