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Dolphin Prayer

Dolphin Prayer Assisted by the Angels Seraphis and Lady Nada Dolphins held this energy for many years. When singing this song, picture the waters of Tahiti and stairs leading to a beautiful pyramid. Singing this song will bring in the Earth’s Ascension.  As we say the words, we are bringing in light from Universal dimensions. […]

Invocation to Water and Food

This prayer adds light to your water and food. I take this the (water or food) of Life, I declare it the (water or food) of Light, As I bring it within my body, It allows my body to glow. I take this, the (water or food) of Light, I declare it the (water or […]

I Am the Light

This prayer will perfectly align you with the Light. You can say it during the day or night. Say the prayer when you are confused or when you are happy. Say it along with the other prayers of Light. All Light Workers need as much protection as possible so that they may shine their Light […]

Invocation to Light

This prayer increases light absorption. It is a powerful statement of intent. I live within the Light, I love within the Light, I laugh within the Light, I am sustained and nourished by the Light, I joyously serve the Light, For I am the Light. Repeat three times, then say. I am the Light, I […]

Angel Song

This song signifies that Light comes not only from outside of us but within as well.  It conveys Light from the blue pearl which is the pearl that has the most Light in addition to Light from the mountains of Turkey.  Singing it brings Light to all Nature and to us, too. Envision yourself in […]