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Lecture Notes 2000 – Money

You have been told money is a substance kept in vaults and banks. They put kings, queens and presidents on money and expect you to bow to them. Money is not a substance, it’s an energy. Has it been there for you? Kind of like when you call a dog, it runs to you. It […]

Arius and the 6 Collective Channeling (September 10, 2001)

The coming events are to create a STRENGTHENING OF BROTHER AND SISTERHOOD. Most people feel that their own group of friends, family and mate is all there is.  You cannot do World Peace as individuals or a small group any longer.  It is a time of the collective – All must work together in Unity […]

Lecture Notes December 2002

Everyone is in a war, conflict, violence, terrorism. Fighting is becoming a solution to problems: weapons, troops and tanks. Evolved beings compromise. Understanding can then take place. Now negotiations for peace is all a fraud. Both parties want to win, dominate and crush each other. “Terrorist activities”, “nationalism” and just words. Their intent is to […]

Lecture Notes April 2003 – Stillness

The theme today is STILLNESS. It is imperative that stillness be cultivated in these times. Turbulence is being over emphasized. Your world leaders are trying to get people to put war before peace, therefore people are starting to look for more excuses to go to war. The negative forces will be coming into the battlefield […]

Galactic Federation UPDATE Message . . . April 11, 2006

Galactic Federation UPDATE Message . . . Update by Sheldon Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 13 Cib, 19 Mac, 1 Caban Selamat Jarin!  We return, dear Hearts, with more Information to share with you!  Your world is poised for a great shift in her consciousness.  Both above, upon, and below your […]

Venus Passover (Given to us by Joya on June 1, 2004)

The SHIFT is upon us . . . get ready for the down load! For over 20 years the Star Elders have shared various visions.  These visions were based in the past, present day and our future.  Over the last few weeks another vision came and though it didn’t seem to have any relation to […]

Arius and the 6th Collective Lecture Notes Oct. 10, 2001

What is the significance of a month, 29-30 days?  The moon is the significance.  For decades, man has used the moon to divide time (life, years and decades). Consciousness revolves around the moon; it is renewed energy every twenty-eight days.  Any negative experience can be washed away within twenty-eight days by doing practices to uproot […]

Channeling of Abraham – Laws of Attraction

The Laws of Attraction work on our Universe whether we are aware of it or not.  The Power of Attraction is always there, drawing to us what we say, feel and think.  This means whatever you focus on, you will receive more and more of that.  For instance, disappointment, if you focus on what you […]

Reminders from Arius and The 6th Collective

YOUR MIND The globe can be a Big place, but it is very small. Your mind is larger than this globe and other globes! The Light Beings are in transmission with all of us.  It is important that you are very careful about what you are thinking, you can manifest positive and negative visions, so […]

Messages from the Council of 12

Moving Forward with Potency Springtime is in the air, and even in the cells of your body, which this time of year is in a natural state of regeneration. Slow down for a bit right now and tune into your body. Breathe in and out deeply a few times, inviting the Divine Creative Force to […]