A General Guide to Using Prayers and Chants

*Note:  These powerful prayers, chants, instructions and the information they entail have been given to us by Joya, who has channeled and/or collected them over the years. A few have been contributed by Joya’s students/followers. They have all been approved by Joya for us to use.

1.    Always ask for and intend that whoever comes through to you is of 100% Pure Divine Light – at all times.

2.    It is of vital importance that you pay attention to what you are saying. Changing a word or adding letters can render the prayer ineffective or call in something unwelcome.

3.    Read all prayers through first, taking note of any instructions which may be listed at the end.

4.    Visualizing the positive things that you want (Never the negative) always adds to the positivity and the desired outcome.

5.    Pay attention to your inclinations.  It will tell you which prayer(s) you should do at any given time, logic should not supersede inclination.  At the very least add the ones you wish to do to those that are felt instinctively.  We have been blessed with so many, no one is expected to do them all, every one very day.

6.    We’re all familiar with the term, “Fake it till you make it.”  Whether you believe they can have any impact or not, whether you feel upbeat and happy or not, say the prayers as if you are feeling absolutely wonderful and unequivocally know they will work.  Adding positive energy makes a huge difference.

7.    Do say the prayers with energy!  Milquetoast blandness will not necessarily bring about the desired results.

8.    Always do them with the proper reverence and attitudes of respect.  You are addressing a Higher Power.  Any prayer alerts and calls upon Angels and/or Masters to bring about that for which you are asking (whether it is specified in the wording or not).

9.    Light a candle every so often or every time.  Dedicate it to the Spirits of Light who assist with the prayers and chants.  Utilize incense as well.

10.    Needless to say, always give thanks to those of Divine Light who are responding to your words and requests.  They are assisting behind the scenes whether you recognize it or not and whether you always obtain exactly what it is you desire or not.