Atlantean Prayers

By admin  

These words are from Atlantis and were words we used when we were a part of this society.  When doing these techniques or stating the words, visualize a healing room in the Great Temple of Atlantis.  See yourself walking into this beautiful, crystalline temple, continuing on into the back where the healing room is situated.  Picture yourself going into the room and sitting on pillows on the floor.  Surround yourself with twenty-four crystals.  See a huge copper spiral hanging way above your head, suspended from the ceiling of the room.  These words help to bring you closer to the Creator and make the Word Power techniques more powerful.  The words are to be repeated six or seven times, in sets of three.

AU – MA – LAA  (Pronounced AH – MAH – LAY)

These words are stated for protection.

YO – OOH – DAA  (Pronounced YO – OU – DAY)

Relates to the Creator.  Say the words, then, prior to making your petition or request to the Creator, give thanks and gratitude for all that has been given to you from the Creator’s hands.

SO – MAA – AH  (Pronounced SO – MAY – AH)

Chant of knowledge and achievement which means that you have accepted your Godself.  This is great to use as a mantra.  Chant these words when there are problems you wish to overcome or dissipate.

SHEMA  (Pronounced SHIMAH)

These works invoke the vibration of Mother Mary and the Masters of unconditional Love.  The words enhance the love vibration around you.


These words are to be said for a deeper level of unconditional love.  This is a more intense EYU.