Fifteen Power Points

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Sit quietly with legs, feet and arms uncrossed.

Spin chakras from right to left in the following order:

1st Chakra (located at the base of the spine).
2nd Chakra (located in the sexual root area).
3rd Chakra (located in the navel area).
4th Chakra (located in the heart area).
5th Chakra (located in the throat area).
6th Chakra (located in the 3rd eye area, between the eyebrows).
7th Chakra (located at the crown of the head).
8th Chakra (located several inches above the 7th chakra).
9th Chakra (located several inches above the 8th chakra).
10th Chakra (located just behind the left shoulder).
11th Chakra (located just behind the right shoulder).
12th Chakra (from the middle of the spine down to behind the first chakra)
13th Chakra (in front of and above left shoulder).
14th Chakra (in front of and above right shoulder).
15th Chakra (above the 9th chakra at a slant).