Blueprint Technique

By admin  

Purpose:  Create a blueprint of your life (where do you want to be in the future, what do you want to have in the future)
•    Sit with eyes closed.
•    Chant: “I am me and me is I”.
•    Connect with the Truth inside.
•    Go the 3rd Eye.
•    Start with Earliest Memory of the present day, then go to 7 days (they
really are all one day) you will see the days are one continuum.
•    Then do one month, one year, five years, then ten, try to see yourself
in the next life.
•    Return to full awareness and come to the present.
•    Go to the 3rd Eye.
•    Lock Blueprint in your heart (the blueprint begins to construct in the heart
and expands the cosmic consciousness – (“Everything is one, there is
no separation, days or time”).