Arius and the 6th Collective Lecture Notes Oct. 10, 2001

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What is the significance of a month, 29-30 days?  The moon is the significance.  For decades, man has used the moon to divide time (life, years and decades).

Consciousness revolves around the moon; it is renewed energy every twenty-eight days.  Any negative experience can be washed away within twenty-eight days by doing practices to uproot negativity.  Positive habits can be reinforced within twenty-eight days.  Addictions can form during a twenty-eight day cycle or be broken.  Twenty-eight days is the breaking point.  Each beginning cycle of the full moon, you should make a resolution for the next twenty-eight days.  (Start with new moon).

Communicate that all negative energy, patterns, curses and spells be shed stripped away.  Ask that they not be carried forth into the next twenty-eight days.  There is power with this pledge when you combine it with spiritual practices.

Talk to the moon as if you are talking to a person.  Speak to the moon beings (The Cycle Gods), and ask them to help you.  When the moon is dark, it is open for conversations because it is not shining forth.  During this time, humans have special powers to direct attention on that particular cycle.  For this you should prepare affirmations and prayers.

As the moon gets stronger it will shed away the negative and bring the positive or it can be mixed.  For example: Your request is to remove negative energy, but you have not changed your negative ways.  If your actions are negative during the cycle of the moon then it cancels out your request.  Change your consciousness; affirm to the moon, “No longer will I carry these behaviors into my new cycle, only my new shining qualities of positivity.”  Then identify them by making a list.

Remember, the Word Power should be done under the influence of the sun and moon.

Shine Forth!!