Chakra Colors and Tones

By admin  

Here are some toning sounds you can do for the seven chakras, three to four minutes each is good.  Using a crystal with these toning sounds is great.

Here are the tones and colors:

7th Chakra – at the Crown, Violet, sound EEEE (high pitched)

6th Chakra – at the Third Eye, Purple, sound EEEE (alternately magenta, which is the color of love for the New Age can be used

5th Chakra – at the Throat, Sky Blue, sound AYE

4th Chakra – at the Heart, Green, sound AH

3rd Chakra – at the Solar Plexus, Golden Yellow, sound OH

2nd Chakra – (sexual root) lower pelvis, Orange, sound OOO

1st Chakra – at the base of the spine, Beet Red, sound UH