Channeling of Abraham – Laws of Attraction

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The Laws of Attraction work on our Universe whether we are aware of it or not.  The Power of Attraction is always there, drawing to us what we say, feel and think.  This means whatever you focus on, you will receive more and more of that.  For instance, disappointment, if you focus on what you don’t like, you will manifest out of powerful emotions, more disappointments.

This also happens with lots of people at one time like a World Disaster! If a lot of people create a mass consciousness of fear and dread, imagine the results!  Learn to change the negative thoughts and emotions, because the more you think about it and focus on it, the more you will have it.

Stop the negative creating and thinking.  Deal with those thoughts that repeat in your mind.  Take time to change the thought.  Say, “This is not in harmony with my intent.”  Change the subject when a friend is negative.  Listen to your warning bell that goes off.  Say, “What thought brought my flu, ache or pain on?”  And say, “I choose not to have the flu or that pain, my thoughts will change, I refuse it, I do not want that ache, flu, etc.”  It takes some time to do this.

Do your workshops at least ten minutes a day.

Look around and see the positive people, things, and life styles, settings you’d like to emulate or have in your life.  Collect the data and choose what you want to attract into your experience.  Intend to bring with clarity, a thought of what you do want.  This is your work.  Your inner being can sort out thoughts that feel right and good and you will learn what has value and what doesn’t.  If you are confused your life will reflect that.  Be careful of “conscious repelling”, it is not necessary.  If you give a powerful emotional thought to what you don’t want, you shall have it.  Don’t acknowledge evil.

Don’t resist it.  Think of what you want.  We give too much attention to what we fear.  If another person has a bad experience, say, “that is their experience.”  When you focus on a thing intensely you will manifest it, don’t flit from one thought to another.  When people feel people don’t like them, it attracts more trouble to the person receiving the judgment from them; it attracts more trouble to the person receiving the judgment.


•    Be happy, listen to music, go out and walk first, play with a pet, etc.
•    Set your intention (your data?) for what you want to manifest.

Have this state of mind and intend from these guidelines.

I like being here.

I recognize the value of this time.