Light Absorption Technique

By admin  

As we approach the Eleventh Level of Lightbody mutation, our physical bodies are shifting to be able to metabolize Pure Light frequencies as nutrients.  This causes our endocrine systems to become unbalanced (especially thyroid, pancreas and adrenals), and many of us have put on weight as our bodies seek the Light that we are beginning to require as part of our diets.  As a result, the body will retain fat in the belief that it is starving, and many of us may have had the experience of being hungry and not knowing what we’re hungry for, eating many different things in search of that elusive ‘something’ and not being satiated by any physical food that we’re eating.

While the physical bodies still require food, adding Light as a supplement to your diet will help stabilize these symptoms.

First, go outside and face the Sun.  It is okay if it’s overcast-just find the Sun in the sky and face it.  Palms outward, place your thumbs and index fingers together, creating triangle shape with your hands.  This will create a prismatic tetrahedral structure between your hands.  Angle your hands over your heart chakra, and set your intent that your body absorbs “the Light beyond the Light of the Sun.”

Our Sun is a portal that transmits energy from the Orion System, which is our Central Sun, our Galactic Core.  When you do this exercise, your body is absorbing Galactic Core frequencies into it, which feeds the Lightbody mutation and makes the body feel full.  The prismatic structure you’ve created between your hands amplifies this frequency.  Often your hands will just pull apart of their own volition when your body has absorbed enough of this energy.  You will feel “full” after doing this.  Some people feel guided to do this daily, some on a more irregular basis.  As in anything else, follow your Spirit as to the frequency of this practice.

For the physical food that you eat, it is helpful to add Light to it as well.