Reminders from Arius and The 6th Collective

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The globe can be a Big place, but it is very small.
Your mind is larger than this globe and other globes!

The Light Beings are in transmission with all of us.  It is important that you are very careful about what you are thinking, you can manifest positive and negative visions, so be very careful.  The negative forces use your negative thoughts to their advantage.  After thinking a negative thought take a deep breath and immediately change your thoughts.

With your eyes closed focus on World Peace, allow your mind to expand and go all over the globe.  Ask your Guides and Angels who are of 100% Pure Light to help you.  Allow your mind to feel the Earth and as you pass over it, focus on those parts of the world that have “Hot Spots” (areas that are in conflict).  Use your visualization and see the fires go out, get on your magic carpet and use a fire hose with water pouring out to cool down the hot spots. See tragic situations made whole.  To assist with this and other situations, both personal and in our world, we have been given special words that connect us to the Divine Creator from the ‘Gates of Heaven’ to use from Arius and the 6th collective.  (To get more information about these, speak to either Joya, Melody or Crystal).

The focus your attention on the East Coast especially New York and Washington, D.C. Visualize the White House making decisions that will affect everyone for their highest good. See Bush and his team having sane minds with kind intentions (be sure to open their hearts while doing this exercise).  Move to your environment and see it healthy and whole.  Then focus on your personal desires, see them happening tomorrow and far into the future.  These techniques will transform a situation and change an environment.

You and your ancestors have debased human beings.  So, it is imperative that you rise up in spirit to take charge of your world like an army.

What you are doing is dismantling negative energy around the world.  As a group you are gathering positive energy and using it to counteract the negative energy that is gathered by evil groups.  You charge each other when you do the Word Power together.  (Once again, you must be attuned to these words.  Speak to Joya, Crystal or Melody regarding this).

Be the warrior for peace; ask for balance, peace and harmony in the world.  Come in with a fiercefulness of peacefulness!  Doing Word Power 12 times takes it to the infinite potential, which means the enemy is neutralized before they raise their hands.

Put your heart into the work!  You are piercing the hearts of those who have come to hate. The time has come where you cannot sit back and do nothing.  Do your part, prove it to yourself!

Share this information about World Peace with others, it is very important!