The Art and Science of Manifesting

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Manifestation is a simple science to the Kahuna – and yet, this is a knowledge that could revolutionize the world.  To a Kahuna, manifestation is a relaxed and effortless endeavor that follows these ten steps:

1.    State firmly what you want when you are in a happy, clear mood.

2.    Hold your concentration on the goal with a clear picture.  See it in your mind’s eye.

3.    Release all resistance and negativity within yourself, commit to the picture you are holding in your mind’s eye.

4.    Make sure that what you are holding does not affect other people.

5.    Feel that you already have what you are visualizing and that you are living in that state of being.  For example; if you are manifesting money, imagine how you would feel in this moment if you already had it.

6.    Gather mana by deep breathing.

7.    Ask for your Lower Self’s cooperation in bringing the mana to your Higher Self in order to realize your goal.

8.    Never question how it will be given to you, and never doubt that it will come to you.

9.    Do not tell anyone else what you are working on.  When you tell others who are not supportive, their negative feelings and doubts can affect the outcome in a negative way.

10.    Know that the Universe contains an infinite supply of everything you need and that you can draw it to you at this time (Berney 2000).

Remember that breath is the fuel of prayers. Deep breathing done with intention, slowly and consciously, gathers mana.  Then the mana is offered to the Higher Self for a specific stated purpose, producing directed mana.
In regard to prayer in general, the Kahuna say that when wise guidance is needed, apply in person to the Father.  Turn to the Mother for supply. When changes in your present circumstances are needed, apply in prayer to both Father and Mother, asking them to work together to create the desired outcome.
You may receive daily contact and hourly guidance from the Higher Self if you ask for it.  But the Higher Self will not interfere with what you are doing, regardless of how you may be muddling up your life unless you ask It to come to your aid (Long 1948).

Asking opens doors!