Abundance Prayer

By admin  

God is Perfect abundance, the Source of infinite prosperity. God is all Substance, All Power, All Energy, All Good, All in All, All Everything. It is the Joy of God to provide perfect happiness, perfect Love, perfect Harmony, perfect Peace, and perfect abundance to all of (His) children.

I am a child of God, a beautiful spark of the Divine, created out of the same Substance and energy as my (Father). My talents and skills are boundless. I magnetize new business and unlimited supplies of money at all times. I am a success at everything I do, and everything I do benefits my clients and attracts more clients and more business to me. My life is filled with abundance. I deny all thoughts of lack or poverty or unworthiness. I am blessed in all that I do, all that I am, and all that I create.

I now create prosperity for myself, and I am open and ready to receive my Good.  My prosperity brings me joy and satisfaction and plenty of money to fill all of my desires. I always have plenty of money in my bank account, and I circulate it wisely. I bless the money that I spend. I bless those I owe, and I pay my bills promptly and with pleasure. I know that whatever I give comes back to me tenfold and more.

The truth is that I am increasingly magnetic to money and prosperity. The truth is that the Divine Source of All, the Omnipotent Being in Whose likeness and image I was made, wants me to have abundance in my life. The truth is that prosperity is for all, and that all one has to do is set up the intention to have and it is there. One can take a thimble to the ocean, or a cup or a bucket, and whatever vessel one takes will be filled and still the ocean will be full and give more.

The Universe is like an ocean. I now take my bucket to the Universe and I refill it as often as I desire to. God supplies my every need. Every need of my life and longing of my soul is now being fulfilled. Because I know that God is everything and that anything that is not Godly is a creation of the mind of man and not God. I am a part of God, I know that I am perfect and deserve good in my life. I now release my intention of prosperity to the Universe, and I am open to receive my Good. This or something better. Thank you, God.