Messages from the Council of 12

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Moving Forward with Potency

Springtime is in the air, and even in the cells of your body, which this time of year is in a natural state of regeneration. Slow down for a bit right now and tune into your body. Breathe in and out deeply a few times, inviting the Divine Creative Force to invigorate your cells. As you do this, imagine your body becoming healthier and more vibrant. If you feel stagnation or pain in parts of your body, visualize a healing energy going to those places now. Visualize any stuck energy or pain being dispersed and replaced with a state of aliveness, wellness and balance. Spend another few minutes focused on your body, honoring it for serving you in this lifetime. Remind yourself that your body is a Sacred container for your beautiful spirit!

To focus on your body in this way is very useful in preparation for the new cycle of accelerated energy you will experience beginning this month. This is the phase you have been longing for, because it holds the potential for more tangible positive changes. If you have experienced flu-like symptoms or other physical distress in recent weeks, know that these conditions have helped you to clear out energies from your past so that you could move forward with more potency.

An influx of Light energy is being received by humanity and the Earth at this pivotal time. These current waves of spiritual energy will be most noticeable between mid-March and the Week of April 23. During the same time period, discordant world conditions already set in motion will be playing out. It will be useful, therefore, to consciously remind yourself of the larger picture. Remember that you and others across the planet are shifting into a brand new paradigm of being. That larger picture is what’s really important. The smaller picture, involving your everyday personal struggles and the world’s dark cloud of hatred and greed, is like an undercurrent that must churn to the surface the outmoded energies.

The churning naturally creates turbulent waters, both within you and around you. On a global scale, this can mean conflicts, Earth changes, secrets revealed, and ancient truths coming up for review. On a personal scale, this is a time of clearing up the slate of unfinished negative patterns. This includes a fresh look at patterns you have addressed before. You may feel you are complete with some of them. However know that there are layers to your unfinished business. Some of these were put into place over a number of lifetimes. These energies were recorded within your DNA level. To be sure, those layers which are the most crucial to your forward movement will now be surfacing for you to see and heal.

You will be receiving an abundance of assistance from the nonphysical realms as you do these clearings. To maximize this help, remember to consciously ask for it.

If you are feeling an urgency to move ahead, recognize that this sense of hurry is inspired by your Higher Self. There is a part of you that always remembers why you came to Earth, why you are here right now, and why these current times are so crucial in the overall plan of evolution. Honor this part of yourself by listening to it. Follow the nudges you receive to continue and hasten your personal healing process. Let go of any self-judgment about where you think you SHOULD be by now.

Trust the Divine intelligence if our body, too, for it’s an intricate instrument of precision that will indicate what you should pay attention to. Give yourself a refresher course on the mind-body-emotion connections of key physical conditions and dis-ease.

Here’s a short list of some underlying causes of physical distress:

Pain – an indicator that something is out-of-balance or needs your attention.
Back problems – connected to feeling a lack of support and emotional burdens.
Shoulder tension – related to bearing burdens and feeling hardened by life.
Sore throat – an indicator of angry or other negative feelings that are unexpressed.
Indigestion – connected to fears or feelings of anxiety or anger.
Liver – related to anger and resentment.

Consider connections such as these as you explore your own unfinished business. Avoid the temptation of demanding a quick fix. Instead, invite Spirit to partner with you in healing whatever is out-of-balance, in the most expedient manner for your highest good. It can be helpful to ask if there is an easier or less painful way to learn the same lesson.

As You Heal, So Does Humanity

There is no time more important than right now to fully immerse yourself in personal transformation work. This is a vital investment, not only for your own progress, but for the future of your planet. As each person heals, so does the Earth and the whole of humanity. Be willing to make the commitment to your own healing. Realize that this inner work is not a luxury that you fit into your busy schedule. To move forward with potency and consistency, achieving your higher purpose in this lifetime, will involve an ongoing dedication to yourself. The person who has the most to gain and the most to lose is you. Therefore, why not make a re-dedication to your own healing evolution right now?

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our Love and blessings. We are the Council of 12.