Grounding Prayers

By admin  

These prayers are good to say during moon wobbles
or whenever you feel ungrounded. It is important to
remain grounded in order to manifest what it is you desire.

The forces that swing me
To left and to right.
Are now being centered
Till all is held tight
No more will I wander
And wonder what will,
For now I do know
My position is still.
As all that is held firm
Will settle at last,
So now can I count on
My turns being past.
All is at peace now,
And all is at rest;
From henceforth I know that
I will have the best!
(Repeat three times)

The rolling of the waves does tend
To swing the boat around,
Until the helmsman, though he tries,
His true course can’t be found.
He fights the force of sea and wind,
He struggles vainly on.
Yet useless is that struggle for
The forces drive him ill.
When all is calm and all is smooth
No struggle does ensue,
For calm, still waters all around
Will give to him his due.
And as such calm will heal his wounds,
And make life good and grand;
So will that settling influence
Bring ME all that I planned.
(Repeat three times)