Lecture Notes 2000 – Money

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You have been told money is a substance kept in vaults and banks.
They put kings, queens and presidents on money and expect you to
bow to them. Money is not a substance, it’s an energy. Has it been there
for you? Kind of like when you call a dog, it runs to you. It should and will
come to you when you pray, just like a dog chasing after a juicy bone.

You must honor The Maker of All Things, your Divine Creator, and as you
honor the God in you, and connect with Heaven, you will learn to bow to yourselves,
not to the symbols on the dollar bills. Money is the outward manifestation of
you inner life.

The first understanding of money is that You (Take) Control. The power to
manifest is always there. Latch on to the power to draw money, not what’s
going on around you. Economics and the conditions of the times create many
ebbs and flows. It doesn’t mean you have changed. It’s like the ocean with
its ebbs and flows. Plentiful and sometimes not so plentiful.

Remember, money never sits still. Your government and banks circulate money.
Money moves, it is energy. See your money doubled. When you hand
it to another, see it doubling back to you. If you have $1.00 see it become $2.00.

Put money is your Savings Account and watch it collect interest. See your
money “collecting interest” in your visualizations.  Do your techniques to
reinforce them and do word power stating how much you want, the name of your
project and persons you need to help you. See showers of money raining over
you (large amounts).

Use words like flow, smooth, easy, abundance, prosperous and wealth. Be
careful of using words like can’t, broke, poor, hard, difficult, struggling,
need and NOT (remember TON, TON, TON is the word Not spelled backwards).

• THINK Wealth and Abundance
• THINK Money is like an Ocean Ebbing and Flowing, Always Flowing
• THINK Honor and Bow to the Creator. Honor and Bow to Yourself.

Do not bow to the symbols of power.  Do not allow negative reports about
world events, the decline of the stock market, war, and other negative news
divert you from your goals.

KNOW the power to draw money to you is always there.

If you doubt you may go without!

Shine Forth and Prosper!