Arius and the 6 Collective Channeling (September 10, 2001)

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The coming events are to create a STRENGTHENING OF BROTHER AND SISTERHOOD.

Most people feel that their own group of friends, family and mate is all there is.  You cannot do World Peace as individuals or a small group any longer.  It is a time of the collective – All must work together in Unity with one mind, one goal, all must be filled with strength and integrity to create World Peace.  Because you have not lived like this, (more like separate individuals, separate goals and ways of thinking), the world has reached a crisis point.

Dark forces have and will always desire to dim the inner Light of the Earth and work through negative people to make the Earth fold into a BLACK HOLE.

If man surrenders to these dark forces, it will kill the inner Light.

If the Earth and human beings are destroyed, it’s because of humans who can reach out and touch God and have been given all the tools to the save planet.  Yet, they spend their time indulging in trivialities.  The need to unify as one is very forceful and powerful.

Lightworkers must now lift up a hand, foot or finger and be in a hurry.

Your willingness to organize and take forceful action as a team is absolutely necessary.

Count each day as a year.
Each year as a decade.

Accomplish in a day what would usually take a year.

Be in a hurry to shine and capture the Light to unfold the Light.

You are the Light when united as one; nothing can overshadow the Light!