Lecture Notes December 2002

By admin  

Everyone is in a war, conflict, violence, terrorism. Fighting is becoming a solution
to problems: weapons, troops and tanks. Evolved beings compromise.
Understanding can then take place.

Now negotiations for peace is all a fraud. Both parties want to win, dominate and
crush each other. “Terrorist activities”, “nationalism” and just words. Their intent
is to crush and to will the other person to their beliefs. War makes money!
Because we are hearing of war doesn’t mean you aren’t having an effect.

Everyday set aside attention on the World situation. Watch the news, read
newspapers, and change it as you read and watch. Repeat word power practices.
For acts of violence and murders, shine light on them! You are the carriers of
intense, blazing light. Would the Sun stand by and not Shine Forth? The Sun
keeps its same intensity. Maintain the intensity like the Sun – consistent intensity!

Don’t go into a day feeling you have failed in some way. Know that you are
progressing and handling it. Word power is always there. This is a transitional year.
The years 2007 and 2008 are very CRITICAL. If light dominates, you’ll be fine.
Negative thoughts are like gnats, swat them away.

Be absorbed with one thing at a time. Don’t make a lengthy list of what you want.
Three things are good. Don’t lose intensity. Make the right connections,
meet new people and go places.

Focus at least five minutes a day on making happiness a major part of life.
Being dormant feels empty.

With consistency your prayers will be answered, and angels will reward you with
good things and happiness. Consistent prayer will also help with the changing
of destructive bad habits.

Word power is like a giant vitamin! Fun should be your middle name,
don’t be fearful, be open.