New Archangel Michael Prayer

By admin  

Beloved Father Mother God I pray for your Divine protection
on all levels of consciousness. I call for a double shield of Violet Flame in front and back, a helmet of Golden Light over my head with a mesh to the shoulders and a visor in front and golden boots on my feet.

I call forth a sphere of blazing Golden White Light around my aura filling it with Violet, Gold and White from under the feet clear up to the mighty I Am presence with a mirror- like substance around the outside so that anything evil or negative that tries to touch it or influence it in any way will be immediately reflected outward back to its source and I send it back with God’s Divine Love.

Now I call Archangel Michael for protection for a triple wall of Blue Flame around my property and house, a Cross of Blue White Flame revolving over the roof and a great sheet of Golden Light 12 feet thick under the house expanding out under the New York area and (as far as I would like it to go) and I thank you Father Mother God and Archangel Michael.