Lecture Notes April 2003 – Stillness

By admin  

The theme today is STILLNESS. It is imperative that stillness be cultivated
in these times. Turbulence is being over emphasized. Your world leaders are
trying to get people to put war before peace, therefore people are starting
to look for more excuses to go to war. The negative forces will be coming
into the battlefield more openly and it will be obvious to all. The more
turbulence, the more fear and uncertainty. When the world is agitated and
angry, cultivate STILLNESS.

The damage done by the bombs and battling in Iraq and other places and the
anger and tensions that are growing through people debating and arguing
between pro-war and anti-war, racial issues and religion – national
struggles – are creating major tensions beneath the Earth’s surface which can
create a natural disaster.
Please COUNTER BALANCE it by cultivating STILLNESS.

After 180 days the negative tensions get ever higher. Six years of this can end the existence
of your planet. If you could see some of the planets in the Universe, they look like
a dead mass. At one time those planets had some form of light and life.
You do not want this planet to become a burnt cinder, it can move forward and evolve.
You must intensify your spiritual practices. All of you are dependent on Earth
and you must intervene to keep this planet healthy.

Too many bombs dropped and too many wars!!! These energies are intensified.
You are in the midst. Keep petty and daily mundane concerns under control.
Meditate, run calm and peaceful energies with your word power techniques.

Listen to peaceful music, be an example to others.

The weapons created are more powerful than before. Biological dangers;
disease spread through air; communicable disease; terrorist behaviors;
people wanting to strike out in an emotional way to achieve their objectives.
For instance two nations have a dispute, one survivor on one side and one on
(One bomb can extinguish an entire city.) What is the point in debating with one another
over religion?

Find the STILLNESS. Learn To Extinguish Fires With Water First. Talking of peace
won’t help. Anger is a killer, create harmony, peace, good health and connectedness.

Be on guard and look for the unexpected things, not normal occurrences.

You are channeling energies that come from the most complex and distant
places in the Universe. War and the pains of it are felt by all. When the
balance has been broken, light workers together must create calmness and joy.
Meet together, work on each other. Sing your Ah Reeya Songs. Say your
prayers daily. Your activities together must be spiritually uplifting and
create calmness. Be an example of the LIGHT. You can spread it to others
and children.

Don’t doubt. It destroys the upper flow. Projecting things with doubt
deflects energy down into the earth and neutralizes what you want.
Instead of doubt it is best to practice, Belief Based Upon Awareness.

The music you listen to should stabilize and balance you. Musicians should
focus on using natural instruments, violins, harps, etc.  Ancient music
should be played as well. The music you hear now has taken the natural
instruments out and contains too much bass. When people hear this bass
beat constantly, it causes people to become angry and violent.

Those who are about peace and change must do more to steer the world
in a positive direction. OM is a good vibration said three times, becomes One.

Know that you are always making a difference. First take care of the area you
occupy. Your ideas and consciousness can influence people everywhere you go.

Shine Forth!