Universal Healing Prayer

By admin  

Sit and relax totally. Close your eyes. Now visualize your heart opening
and connecting with God, the Source of all Creation. Visualize a star
six inches above your crown, a beautiful star emanating light …
visualize being connected to every star in the Universe (say, “I am that I am”)
– now take three deep breaths. Slowly, in through the nose, out through the mouth.
Visualize breathing in, and out a Golden-Silver light with a hint of Violet, the
essence of pure love, for two minutes, and breathing out this love
to all life on Earth.

Now visualize yourself, wherever you may be, standing or sitting in a
beam, a Golden-Silver ‘Healing’ Laser beam of light for 30 seconds then
say to yourself, very slowly, pausing at every comma (five seconds)…

Om, Om, Om ……
I ask God, to fully cleanse, re-energize, balance, heal, my entire
energy matrix, illuminating my Mind, Body and Soul. Feel your whole
being, bathed in a glorious light, mind…body…soul.

I AM Sending Love and Light, to every man, woman and child on the
Earth. Visualize all Men, Women and Children, standing in a Golden-Silver
beam of light.

I AM Sending unlimited Love and Light, to leaders of every nation.
Visualize this energy, healing, enlightening all leaders of our world.

I AM Sending Love and Light to the Mineral, Vegetable and Plant Kingdoms.
I AM Sending Love and Light to the Animal Kingdom.
Visualize all animals, all nature soaked in a Golden-Silver Light.

I am sending Love and Light, to all the Spirits of Nature. Visualize the air,
the unseen, filling with a magnificent Golden-Silver beam of Light.

I AM Sending Love and Light, to Mother Earth. Visualize the Earth
surrounded, wrapped from the Core, to the outer layers in a Golden-Silver
beam of light with hints of Violet.

I AM Sending Love and Light to God, All expressions, Dimensions
unseen and seen, wherever there is the Greatest need.

“In the name of the Divine Love within me, I ask that this Thought form prayer
be multiplied and used to assist all souls on this planet who are in need.
I thank you and accept it done according to the Will of God”.

Our Dear beloved subconscious mind’s, I/We hereby ask and lovingly
command that you take this thought form prayer to God, along with all
the mana and vital force needed to manifest and demonstrate this prayer.

Wait for 15 seconds and visualize the prayer shooting up through your
crown chakra (top of head) like a geyser.