Acts of Consistency

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Everyday include in your daily activities some time to focus on helping the
World and the people in the world. It is very good to be aware of the news,
what people and politicians are seeing and talking about. While reading or
watching the news do your word power practices to change these events.
Send light when you hear of any acts of violence. You are carrying the Sun
within you and like the sun your light should be very intense and blazing.
The Sun shines consistently with great intensity all the time regardless of
any planetary situation. You must be like the Sun maintaining intensity
and consistency in shining forth regardless of what is happening.

Consistent intensity will transform the World’s situation. You will be able to
see results in your personal life in what you are attempting to achieve.
If you would analyze success and failure, one of the biggest components
within the equation is consistency. Consistency of intensity. Intensity is the
successive acts of consistency multiplied by six. Six days of consistency
add up to one component of intensity. Multiply six days times six (which
equals 36 days). It takes thirty-six days of consistency to transform a bad
habit completely (or to create a new habit or skill). At each six-day interval
you will feel different, energized! After thirty-six days you will feel totally
transformed on the cellular level. This is from the world of action.

From the world of Spirituality eight is the number. Pray for something for
eight days and you will receive an answer. Pray for something for 32 days
(8 days multiplied by 4) and you will receive an answer and some degree
of results.

These two secrets are from the inner and outer principles. They are all
rhythms of nature – numerology working in cycles of consistency of actions
– all resulting in transformations.

Never go into a day thinking that you have failed. Do not allow the outer
world to cloud your vision. Know everyday that you are progressing,
evolving and handling the situation.