Archangel Michael’s Clearing Prayer

By admin  

I (say your name) call upon Archangel Michael to place your 5th Dimensional
tube of light down over me in this lifetime, all lifetimes, all planetary systems, all solar systems, all alternate worlds, all alternative universes, all parallel worlds, all parallel universes.

I ask by the grace and force of God that you use your sword of light to completely clear me of all attached energies and all negative energies from my cellular memory. I ask that you transmute these energies up through the 5th dimensional tube of light to the 5th Dimension so they can be transformed into their highest form of light. Should I have any attached energies that do not wish to go to the light, they must leave me now and go somewhere safe within the Universe without harming anyone.

I ask that you infuse all voids within my being with unconditional Love and Light.
I ask to be sealed in the Light. I am receptive to this.

(Tap it in with your index and second finger of your right hand, tapping the thymus three times, then touch belly button for a second).