The Miraculous Kabbalah Prayer

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Divine Cosmic Law states: He who hath shall be given.In other words, if one opens to the Spiritual Law of Abundance, you will receive anything your heart desires.

Meditation and prayer will greatly enhance one’s ability to connect with Spirit and abundance; in fact abundance in all the spheres of one’s life is a direct function of one’s spiritual connection. It is only through connection to Spirit that we can connect to financial abundance. One’s connection to the sphere of financial abundance will be greatly enhanced by practicing the following meditation and prayer. The Miraculous Kaballah Prayer should be said at a time when the mind is most relaxed. The more often this special prayer is repeated, the more dramatic will be the results. The prayer should be performed every day between new moon and full moon (or as desired).

Begin the meditation by entering a quiet peaceful state of mind. Close the door, shut off any electrical appliances or phones which may intrude into your awareness. Light a candle. Clear your mind of unwanted thoughts. Relax and breathe deeply.

State verbally, and mentally visualize your intention to connect to the Archangels and Higher Forces of Pure Light of the Universe. While doing this, visualize yourself being surrounded by a limitless sphere of bright White Light. After a few moments your mind should be in the ideal state to say the Miraculous Kabbalah Prayer.

Bring your hands together and say as follows: In the name of the Almighty El Shaddei, and by the power of the Archangels, Angels, Spirits, Powers and Intelligences of Divine Light, I invoke the miraculous power of The Most Holy Name of God, The Samech Aleph Lamed (one of the 72 names of God) so that I may connect to the sphere of financial abundance.

I pray sincerely and humbly that from now on my life will be blessed by the Angels of financial abundance. I pray that my connection to Divine Spirit may be made strong and each and every day will bring me closer to The Almighty. I wish to offer my sincere gratitude to The Almighty for bestowing these wonderful blessings upon me

At this stage, The Sacred Name Of God ‘Samech Aleph Lamed’ should be verbally repeated clearly and slowly a total of nine times and while doing so, one’s thoughts should be focused on connection to the sphere and blessings of financial abundance.