Galactic Federation UPDATE Message . . . April 11, 2006

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Galactic Federation UPDATE Message . . .
Update by Sheldon Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

13 Cib, 19 Mac, 1 Caban Selamat Jarin!  We return, dear Hearts, with more Information to share with you!  Your world is poised for a great shift in her consciousness.  Both above, upon, and below your world, the seeds of change are sprouting.  Our liaisons continue to report that Earth allies are progressing toward their final, and up to now, most elusive goal: the ousting of the current US regime from power.  Elements from around the globe are presently converging to seal the fate of this dark regime.  Abroad, many interesting developments challenge the current supremacy of the US dollar.  The IMF and its allies are also working to prepare the way for the graceful decline of the dollar.  In its stead, the new precious-metal-based American dollar is planning its debut.  This new dollar and a similarly based Euro together form the initial twin pillars of a coming global abundance.  This abundance and associated worldwide debt forgiveness are to signal the start of your new reality.

Another sign to look for is the abrupt ending of hostilities in Iraq by the US military forces stationed there.  These events are the start of a massive change in your global power structures.  The new international banking system and sudden readjustment of credit and debt instruments together with the termination of the millennia-old, Roman-based system of national sovereignty can permit your world to finally be free of the last vestiges of the dark’s long control.  This path to freedom is to be implemented by a full return of common law and personal sovereignty.  This leads to a vast increase in your responsibilities.  We ask you to become cognizant of what this truly means.  We bring this up again to re-emphasize its prime importance both to Heaven and your success.

Hard as it may be to believe, your world is on the brink of a colossal change in her realities. The opportunity for this came close in the past but receded at the last moment.  Now, however, the committed and diligent work of our Earth allies, and of course ourselves, has placed this prospect well within the realms of the possible.  Much is happening to ensure that your well-deserved victory is indeed nigh.

Meanwhile, on other fronts, our fleet is busy watching the awakening of Mother Earth’s surface.  After a period of relative quiescence, Mother Earth is entering a new active phase. In the Northern Hemisphere; the copious precipitation and unseasonable cold is the precursor to a warming-up of this hemisphere.  The heat of summer in the southern Hemisphere is equally undergoing unusual weather phenomena in its autumn season, indicating a cold, rainy winter.  Also, the amount of deep-ocean volcanism is on the rise, which means that the major ocean currents will be shifting earlier than usual.  Our scientists are somewhat concerned as this portends a heightened intensity of hurricanes, typhoons, and tornadoes.  Most worrisome are the major hurricanes spawned near the equator in the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans.

The changing weather is closely tied to the altering of your atmosphere, in particular, the ionized layers of your upper atmosphere.  These layers are circulating in a slightly revised pattern.  This shifting is affecting radio and TV signals and changing the degree of UV radiation in the lower atmosphere, which in turn, increases instability and in part accounts for the bizarre weather mentioned above.  All in all, the peculiar wobble in the cycle of Mother Earth created a fertile setting for these odd conditions to persist.  To sum up, your planet is passing through a period of activity that presages a vast magnetic shift. This shift allows your world to prepare to change her surface appearance.  Thus, it is essential for those projects mentioned at the start of this report to transpire as swiftly as possible.  To ensure this outcome, we have instructed our diplomatic corps to impart crucial insights to key Earth allies involved in these affairs.

As your Earth readies herself for change, our fleet has zeroed in on the places likely to be most affected.  Accordingly, our first contact command board has advised our science scout fleet to watch these spots carefully and prepare a warning system whereby we can evaluate to what extent we can either alleviate or prevent difficulties from happening.  This is now in effect.  In this regard, we have asked your Ascended Masters to assess our findings to determine if what we intend to do is indeed appropriate.  Mother Earth dearly wishes to complete the next phase of her preparations swiftly and urges us to move forward with the entire first contact scenario.  W e are pleased that our Earth allies are intent on completing their remaining tasks rapidly.  The delays hitherto caused by the dark would appear unable now to stop them.  We are therefore reinforcing our positions and setting up the means for intervening successfully in your affairs.

First contact, as we have noted many times before, is assuredly the most dramatic affair event of your recorded history.  This fact only heightens our concern to do this right.  The dark as a whole has receded from your shores legally, so that what is left is a vast global bastion that refuses to give up the fight! T his group is well positioned and holds the reins in many parts of your world.  These reins are being dismantled assiduously, piece by piece.  The last great bulwark is the US government’s ill-gotten gains.  The operation currently underway against them is being won on a number of fronts centered in their homeland.  The financial, economic, legal, and political engagements are silent, but nonetheless deadly, battlefronts.  These auspicious confrontations will oust this last dark cabal from power! These closing moves look as if they will not take much longer.  Once done, many vital undertakings fall to the victors.  We have already gone over the need for you to prepare yourselves for a number of special events.  These events will precede our arrival and the manifestation worldwide of your Ascended Masters.  This agenda is well known to our Earth allies.

Further, the agreed upon timetable is presently in effect.  Everyone who has been solemnly contracted by us understands this wonderful window of opportunity.  The way is now clear for relatively swift victory!  Yet, each step of this intricate procedure needs to be strictly adhered to.  Our Earth allies realize this and have followed this agenda to the letter. It now remains for us to guide them stealthily to victory.

Immediately ahead is the need for you to maintain the gracious focus you have held so long. In many ways, your role is the most challenging; you have no clear way of knowing beforehand when the major events will occur.  All that is given you are indications and hints about what is truly afoot.  This can cause frustration, but also a deep wonderment about the immediate future.  We can tell you that this roundabout way of learning the truth is likely to continue until the dawn of your new reality.  The dark has engulfed you in a fog of misinformation that prevents you from learning the truth.  Until the sources of this informational hogwash are formally eliminated, your quandary is likely to persist.  Our reports to you can only go so far in imparting precise information, as the dark is much too resourceful to allow any option.  So, we ask you bear with us and graciously to be patient. Today, we briefly went over what is happening on your world.  Much of this is a precursor to first contact.  Our Earth allies are accomplishing much and with our guidance are moving toward a proper resolution of your world’s difficulties.

With all this going on, we know it is most trying for you to continue your valiant focus and patience, especially after so many years of waiting.  We now take our leave.  Blessings, dear Ones!  Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours!  Selamat Majon!  Selamat Kasijaram!  (Sirian for Rejoice!  And Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)