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Music CDs for Sale

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In Nomini Padre

In nomini Padre Et Fili Et Spiritus Sancte Abbe male spiritus Abbe male spiritus Abbe male spiritus In nomini Padre Et Fili Et Spiritus Sancte In nomini Jesus Christi Amen, Amen, Amen. (This prayer eliminates negative energy)

Breath of Fire

The most powerful breathing technique I know is an exercise called the fire breath, a form of Pranayama. Prana is the term for the life force energy attached to the oxygen in the air we breathe. I do this exercise every morning to push out the old breath so that I can really breathe fresh […]

Celtic Words of Protection

These words are good to use around Halloween, or whenever you need extra protection from negativity. Celtic Words (First, free yourself from critters. Repeat as many times as you feel needed.) Camp Sum Sing Niht (pronounced night) A Circle of Protection Light a white candle and incense while repeating these words. (Second, this creates a […]

Grounding Prayers

These prayers are good to say during moon wobbles or whenever you feel ungrounded. It is important to remain grounded in order to manifest what it is you desire. The forces that swing me To left and to right. Are now being centered Till all is held tight No more will I wander And wonder […]

Money Manifestation Prayers

Need, need, need; Money, money, money! Me, me, me; Money, money, money! Now, now, now: Money, money, money! Need, need, need; Money, money, money! Me, me, me; Money, money, money! Now, now, now: Money, money, money! Bring the money to fill the need; Yes, bring the money to fill the need. Now my power has […]

Lecture Notes 2000 – Money

You have been told money is a substance kept in vaults and banks. They put kings, queens and presidents on money and expect you to bow to them. Money is not a substance, it’s an energy. Has it been there for you? Kind of like when you call a dog, it runs to you. It […]

Arius and the 6 Collective Channeling (September 10, 2001)

The coming events are to create a STRENGTHENING OF BROTHER AND SISTERHOOD. Most people feel that their own group of friends, family and mate is all there is.  You cannot do World Peace as individuals or a small group any longer.  It is a time of the collective – All must work together in Unity […]

Lecture Notes December 2002

Everyone is in a war, conflict, violence, terrorism. Fighting is becoming a solution to problems: weapons, troops and tanks. Evolved beings compromise. Understanding can then take place. Now negotiations for peace is all a fraud. Both parties want to win, dominate and crush each other. “Terrorist activities”, “nationalism” and just words. Their intent is to […]

Dolphin Prayer

Dolphin Prayer Assisted by the Angels Seraphis and Lady Nada Dolphins held this energy for many years. When singing this song, picture the waters of Tahiti and stairs leading to a beautiful pyramid. Singing this song will bring in the Earth’s Ascension.  As we say the words, we are bringing in light from Universal dimensions. […]