Mateship Prayers

Metaphysical Treatment For Mateship

Lovingly, joyously, I know that God has created a right companion for me.  Marriage and companionship are divinely natural demonstrations.

This right one wants me as much as I want him (or her).

I desire to give this one the best qualities of my love, courage, and inspiration.
I know this one wants to give me the same in return.

I know that love is the greatest attraction in the world.  I know that I can only attract that which is honest, kind, true.

This someone understands, appreciates and cherishes me just as much as I appreciate, cherish and understand him (or her).

Everything that stands for a complete blending of qualities that make for a successful, happy marriage, now come forth into right expression.

The bond of love between us dissolves any sense of delay.  Divine Mind moves and acts upon this idea here and NOW.

There can be no mistakes, no delays, and no misunderstandings.  Only one God-self man or woman can come into my life.

This one desires to make a happy, successful marriage and home just as much as I do.

God brings us together now.  God blesses this union NOW.

Whom God has joined together in mind, can never be separated or divided.  Like attracts like.  God has created a right companion for me.

Here and NOW I accept this right one.  This right one accepts me.

For this I am deeply grateful.


Obsession and Addiction in Love

There are times when one person wants what another person doesn’t. Who among us can’t relate to the pain of an unrequited love and desire? It happens. When it does, we must remember that only an open heart will heal us; only our release of the other person, accepting them where they need to be, will stop the longing and set us free. Ask God to remove the obsession.

Fixation on another person can be as difficult and binding as an addiction to anything else. God can do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. Ask Him to deliver you both. It is not possible to achieve peace within ourselves while withholding love from another human being. We are released only from those whom we are willing to release.