General Prayers

Acts of Consistency

Everyday include in your daily activities some time to focus on helping the
World and the people in the world. It is very good to be aware of the news,
what people and politicians are seeing and talking about. While reading or
watching the news do your word power practices to change these events.
Send light when you hear of any acts of violence. You are carrying the Sun
within you and like the sun your light should be very intense and blazing.
The Sun shines consistently with great intensity all the time regardless of
any planetary situation. You must be like the Sun maintaining intensity
and consistency in shining forth regardless of what is happening.

Consistent intensity will transform the World’s situation. You will be able to
see results in your personal life in what you are attempting to achieve.
If you would analyze success and failure, one of the biggest components
within the equation is consistency. Consistency of intensity. Intensity is the
successive acts of consistency multiplied by six. Six days of consistency
add up to one component of intensity. Multiply six days times six (which
equals 36 days). It takes thirty-six days of consistency to transform a bad
habit completely (or to create a new habit or skill). At each six-day interval
you will feel different, energized! After thirty-six days you will feel totally
transformed on the cellular level. This is from the world of action.

From the world of Spirituality eight is the number. Pray for something for
eight days and you will receive an answer. Pray for something for 32 days
(8 days multiplied by 4) and you will receive an answer and some degree
of results.

These two secrets are from the inner and outer principles. They are all
rhythms of nature – numerology working in cycles of consistency of actions
– all resulting in transformations.

Never go into a day thinking that you have failed. Do not allow the outer
world to cloud your vision. Know everyday that you are progressing,
evolving and handling the situation.

Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi inspires Peace

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love.
Where there is injury, pardon.
Where there is doubt, faith.
Where there is error, truth.
Where there is despair, joy.
Where there is darkness, light.
Where there is sadness, joy.

O, Divine Master, grant that
I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console,
To be understood, as to understand,
To be loved, as to love.
For, it is in giving that we receive,
And it is in pardoning that we are pardoned.
It is in dying that we are born to Eternal life.

~ Saint Francis of Assisi

Song of Joy from Archangel Michael and the Arcturians

Shine Forth everyone, we are pleased and very excited to introduce to you this wonderful Intergalactic song.  On September 9, 2002 a vortex from the 6th dimension opened and a grid of unconditional Love is pouring from this vortex onto our planet.  Archangel Gabriel and the Arcturians (who are from the same dimension as Arius and the 6th collective) have given us a song to help us expand and stay grounded with this new energy.  The sound frequency from this song has two white rays that will bring peace and harmony to us and our environment, which is why it is called the Song of Joy!  While singing this song, visualize your words coming out as a whisper on the wind.

AH REEYA OR WONNA HO EYANA LYEE assists us with soul expansion and helps us stay grounded to the Earth and our bodies at all times.  When we sing these words seven times it brings peace and harmony to our environment.  While singing it, envision the words as beautiful whispers on the wind.

When we sing “EYU, EYU, EYU” to finish the song, it opens the heart and helps us to operate from unconditional Love.  We sing it in sets of three, six times or more.  Now, we’ve been given an even higher, more powerful vibration of this song, “OOOOEEEIIIUUUU, OOOEEEIIIUUUU, OOOEEEIIIUUUU.”

Early December of 2002, the Council of Light brought a new verse.  Now we will sing the song of the Pleiadians along with one line of the previous Song of Joy.  The origins of this song date back to ancient Tibet and singing this song will help you to be aware of your own origins and you will begin to see yourself as you truly are.  Our DNA activations attune us to our true selves.  The work we have been doing on ourselves was about transformation.  The songs are now given from the Angelic Realm to assist us with expansion, joy, bringing in the truth and bringing our true Spirits to the forefront of our beings.  Clapping and laughter will also bring forth more joy and expand the energies!



(Sing six times in sets of three at the end of the song)


You may sing both songs as many times a day as you want and can do groups of OOOEEEIIIUUU’S as much as you can.

Atlantean Prayers

These words are from Atlantis and were words we used when we were a part of this society.  When doing these techniques or stating the words, visualize a healing room in the Great Temple of Atlantis.  See yourself walking into this beautiful, crystalline temple, continuing on into the back where the healing room is situated.  Picture yourself going into the room and sitting on pillows on the floor.  Surround yourself with twenty-four crystals.  See a huge copper spiral hanging way above your head, suspended from the ceiling of the room.  These words help to bring you closer to the Creator and make the Word Power techniques more powerful.  The words are to be repeated six or seven times, in sets of three.

AU – MA – LAA  (Pronounced AH – MAH – LAY)

These words are stated for protection.

YO – OOH – DAA  (Pronounced YO – OU – DAY)

Relates to the Creator.  Say the words, then, prior to making your petition or request to the Creator, give thanks and gratitude for all that has been given to you from the Creator’s hands.

SO – MAA – AH  (Pronounced SO – MAY – AH)

Chant of knowledge and achievement which means that you have accepted your Godself.  This is great to use as a mantra.  Chant these words when there are problems you wish to overcome or dissipate.

SHEMA  (Pronounced SHIMAH)

These works invoke the vibration of Mother Mary and the Masters of unconditional Love.  The words enhance the love vibration around you.


These words are to be said for a deeper level of unconditional love.  This is a more intense EYU.

Prayers of the Changing of Your Guard

1)    Your Guide Team
From the Light of God that I am, I hereby declare that my team of Guides shall, as soon as any necessary transference can be made, be comprised of 100 percent Pure Light who have never been re-programmed by entities of the dark.

2)    Your Primary Guide
From the Light of God that I am, I hereby declare the entity that is my Primary Guide shall be an entity of 100 percent Pure Light that has never been re-programmed by entities of the dark, with such change if necessary to be made as soon as possible.

3)    Your Consciousness
From the Light of God that I am, I hereby declare that my consciousness mix shall be converted to a mix of 100 percent Pure Light of entities that have never been re-programmed by entities of the dark. I further declare that this conversion should take place as soon as possible but preferably during the evening hours as I sleep and as gently as possible in order that I might continue my normal daily routines.

4)    Prayers for Protection
A.  From the Light of God that I am, I call forth that all things, whether animate or inanimate, within or around me, my home, yard or place of business, be immediately deactivated from use as “directional beacons” by those who are not of 100 percent Pure Light.  I further declare that when this has been accomplished, it shall be irrevocable and permanent.

B.  From the Light of God that I am, I call forth that no energies, entities or beings are to be allowed anywhere around me at any time that are not of 100 percent Pure Light.  I further declare this to be irrevocable and permanent.

C.  From the Light of God that I am, be it known that I hereby cancel all contracts and/or agreements I have made with any entity, in any time frame or in any reality that were not in my best interest or in the interest of the Light, or that were made with entities who were not of 100 percent Pure Light.  I further declare that the cancellation of all such contracts is to be irrevocable and permanent in all time frames and realities.

Don’t ever ask for guidance without demanding that what comes through be only of 100 percent Pure Light or declaring, if you are ‘channeling’, in The Name of The Light.

Affirmations/Prayers of Arius

Morning Prayer: (an example)

Oh Father, help uplift thyself in the furtherance of my own desires and goals, which — if you wish — will help others reach higher and loftier platitudes. And let this day not result in harm to any creature, being or world. Empower me and support me as I surrender to your Greatness and Grandness. I love all, support all and am humbled by your accepting presence. Amen.

It is my desire
to sit calmly upon the throne
in the Temple of my own body
between the two great pillars
of positive and negative vibration,
balancing them to the point where I can radiate
through my Temple of Light,
to all whom I contact,
the wonderful peace, poise, power, wisdom,
love and harmony of God.

Affirmative Statements
(to focus and commit self to action)

I am a decision maker. It is my function to make decisions
and my decision today is to _________________________.
(start each day with this and other practices)

Don’t wait for things to happen— make things happen!
Affirmative Statement: “I will make it happen”! (repeat daily)