Breath of Fire

The most powerful breathing technique I know is an exercise called the fire breath, a form of Pranayama. Prana is the term for the life force energy attached to the oxygen in the air we breathe. I do this exercise every morning to push out the old breath so that I can really breathe fresh energy into my body. Do this just one to three times in the beginning and you will be amazed how energized you feel.

Sit with your spine straight so that the energies in your body can move up and down without hindrance. Either close your fists grabbing onto your thumb, or place your thumb and forefinger together. This creates an energetic arc so that your energy is circled throughout your body.

Begin to “snort” or exhale forcibly and slowly out of your nose. Imagine that you are pretending to be a choo-choo train and increase the snorts to make the train sounds. Continue with very fast snorts for a few successions and then slow back down to a stop. You will notice that as you snort, you are pushing down with your diaphragm into the belly. At first you may need a tissue near by as there may be a lot of mucus in your nose.

When you finish the fire breath, breathe in deeply, and as you exhale, squeeze your anus up tightly. This tightens the pubicoccxygeous muscle that runs through the perineum area. Squeezing closes off an important acupuncture point so that energy does not drain out from below, but rather moves up the body, nourishing the higher centers of consciousness.

Take several normal breathes and begin again. This is a perfect way to begin a meditation because it helps the mind to let go of the body and allows the spiritual energy to flow through.

Now begin to breathe deep breathes all the way down to your belly. Focus on drawing the life force or of prana into your body and concentrating on this act of nourishing yourself.

Breath is a powerful interface between the physical and spiritual worlds. It also is directly tied to the Emotional Body that so influences your self-worth and joy in life. If you are willing to bring your breath onto a conscious level, you will be giving yourself a clear message of your intention to use life fully and attain an Ageless Body.

Anchor Positive Affirmations into your DNA

Using your index and second finger tap your thymus three times and then touch your belly button once after each of the following statements.

•    I am receptive to being free to be me.
•    I am receptive to being free to grow into my own inner Light.
•    I am receptive to loving myself unconditionally.
•    I am receptive to being a perfect expression of God’s love.
•    I am receptive to being willing to succeed.
•    I am receptive to being willing to be peaceful and loving.
•    I am receptive to being powerful.
•    I am receptive to being willing to love and be loved.
•    I am receptive to feeling love connected to my parents.
•    I am receptive to being generous and caring.
•    I am receptive to being patient and kind.
•    I am receptive to feeling creative and I am creative.
•    I am receptive to solving solutions creatively.
•    I am receptive to being deserving to be rich.
•    I am receptive to having incredible self confidence.
•    I am receptive to the fact that every day in every way I get better and better.
•    I am receptive to sharing my love with myself and others.
•    I am receptive to giving and accepting unconditional love.
•    I am receptive to being loved and supported by others.
•    I am receptive to being a radiant human being.
•    I am receptive to loving life and life loving me.
•    I am receptive to being good to myself.
•    I am receptive achieving all my goals.
•    I am receptive to having money work for me.
•    I am receptive to drawing great things to me.
•    I am receptive to having endless good come to me in endless ways.
•    I am receptive to being happy, healthy and full of life.
•    I am receptive to being enthusiastic, motivated and focused.
•    I am receptive to doing what I want to do with joy and delight.
•    I am receptive to knowing that I can do it and I KNOW I can do it.
•    I am receptive to knowing I can do anything I decide to do.

I am receptive to________________________________________________

Fifteen Power Points

Sit quietly with legs, feet and arms uncrossed.

Spin chakras from right to left in the following order:

1st Chakra (located at the base of the spine).
2nd Chakra (located in the sexual root area).
3rd Chakra (located in the navel area).
4th Chakra (located in the heart area).
5th Chakra (located in the throat area).
6th Chakra (located in the 3rd eye area, between the eyebrows).
7th Chakra (located at the crown of the head).
8th Chakra (located several inches above the 7th chakra).
9th Chakra (located several inches above the 8th chakra).
10th Chakra (located just behind the left shoulder).
11th Chakra (located just behind the right shoulder).
12th Chakra (from the middle of the spine down to behind the first chakra)
13th Chakra (in front of and above left shoulder).
14th Chakra (in front of and above right shoulder).
15th Chakra (above the 9th chakra at a slant).

Burning Off Negative Karma

Burning Off Negative Karma
•    Sit with eyes closed.  (Don’t do this immediately after Word Power).
•    Focus on third chakra.
•    Internally use sound (zoooooooo) like a drill to burn karma.
•    After burning karma wait a few minutes before moving.
*Note:  this procedure was given to us during our initiation.

Millennium Technique

•    Focus on a particular thing you want (i.e., a car).
•    Put thought in an elevator in mind.
•    Send the elevator down to the third chakra and let it bake (visualize self and persons with thought, like  a video).
•    While baking remove all thoughts of where you are, allow yourself to be one with the cosmos.
•    Put light all over inside of elevator.
•    When finished baking send elevator up to touch crown chakra and place at third eye.
•    At third eye, like a funnel, send thought out into the universe.
*Note:  this procedure was given to us during our initiation.

Blueprint Technique

Purpose:  Create a blueprint of your life (where do you want to be in the future, what do you want to have in the future)
•    Sit with eyes closed.
•    Chant: “I am me and me is I”.
•    Connect with the Truth inside.
•    Go the 3rd Eye.
•    Start with Earliest Memory of the present day, then go to 7 days (they
really are all one day) you will see the days are one continuum.
•    Then do one month, one year, five years, then ten, try to see yourself
in the next life.
•    Return to full awareness and come to the present.
•    Go to the 3rd Eye.
•    Lock Blueprint in your heart (the blueprint begins to construct in the heart
and expands the cosmic consciousness – (“Everything is one, there is
no separation, days or time”).

Chakra Colors and Tones

Here are some toning sounds you can do for the seven chakras, three to four minutes each is good.  Using a crystal with these toning sounds is great.

Here are the tones and colors:

7th Chakra – at the Crown, Violet, sound EEEE (high pitched)

6th Chakra – at the Third Eye, Purple, sound EEEE (alternately magenta, which is the color of love for the New Age can be used

5th Chakra – at the Throat, Sky Blue, sound AYE

4th Chakra – at the Heart, Green, sound AH

3rd Chakra – at the Solar Plexus, Golden Yellow, sound OH

2nd Chakra – (sexual root) lower pelvis, Orange, sound OOO

1st Chakra – at the base of the spine, Beet Red, sound UH

Important Closing Chakras Technique

a)    Visualize Base Chakra as Red flower, staying open.
Visualize your legs turning into trees; see the roots going deep into the ground,
thousands of feet into the Earth spreading in all directions.
Feel your loving connection with the center of the Earth.
b)    Visualize Sacral Chakra as Orange flower closing into bud!
c)    Visualize Solar Chakra as Yellow flower closing into bud!
d)    Visualize Heart Chakra as Green flower closing into bud!
e)    Visualize Throat Chakra as Light Blue flower closing into bud!
f)    Visualize Third Eye Chakra as Indigo flower closing into bud!
g)    Visualize Crown Chakra as Violet flower closing into bud!

Now visualize, see a ball of Golden/White Light around body.

Well Done!

Light Absorption Technique

As we approach the Eleventh Level of Lightbody mutation, our physical bodies are shifting to be able to metabolize Pure Light frequencies as nutrients.  This causes our endocrine systems to become unbalanced (especially thyroid, pancreas and adrenals), and many of us have put on weight as our bodies seek the Light that we are beginning to require as part of our diets.  As a result, the body will retain fat in the belief that it is starving, and many of us may have had the experience of being hungry and not knowing what we’re hungry for, eating many different things in search of that elusive ‘something’ and not being satiated by any physical food that we’re eating.

While the physical bodies still require food, adding Light as a supplement to your diet will help stabilize these symptoms.

First, go outside and face the Sun.  It is okay if it’s overcast-just find the Sun in the sky and face it.  Palms outward, place your thumbs and index fingers together, creating triangle shape with your hands.  This will create a prismatic tetrahedral structure between your hands.  Angle your hands over your heart chakra, and set your intent that your body absorbs “the Light beyond the Light of the Sun.”

Our Sun is a portal that transmits energy from the Orion System, which is our Central Sun, our Galactic Core.  When you do this exercise, your body is absorbing Galactic Core frequencies into it, which feeds the Lightbody mutation and makes the body feel full.  The prismatic structure you’ve created between your hands amplifies this frequency.  Often your hands will just pull apart of their own volition when your body has absorbed enough of this energy.  You will feel “full” after doing this.  Some people feel guided to do this daily, some on a more irregular basis.  As in anything else, follow your Spirit as to the frequency of this practice.

For the physical food that you eat, it is helpful to add Light to it as well.

Vow Break

Divine Creator, please assist.

I rescind any and all vows and contracts I have taken, anyone in this body has taken, and anyone within my genetic lineage has taken pertaining to: List anything you relate to in the list below, and vows of poverty, celibacy, obedience, hunger, promises to stay with the Dark Side etc…

I now declare these vows and contracts null and void in this incarnation and all incarnations across space and time all parallel realities, parallel universes, alternate realities alternate universes, all planetary systems, all source systems, all dimensions and the Void.

Spirit, please release all structures, devices, entities, orientations or effects associated with these vows and contracts, Now!

Angels, Thank You for your help and please close the gates. Now!

VOWS: * Going to sleep and forgetting who I am, * Participating with limitation, * Making limitation Real, * Not following Spirit, * Not trusting the movement of Spirit, *Denying karmic interaction, *Not recognizing karmic monads, *Using karma for intensity, *Using polarity to search for oneness, *Resisting Divinity, Infinity, and Ecstasy, *Upholding the original Prime Directive of Survival: procreation, territoriality and defense against the enemy, *Holding childhood imprinting in place, *Resentment, anger, unforgiveness, pity, martyrdom, manipulation, coercion, collusion, and conditionality, *Denying the mastery of myself or others, *Denying the sovereignty of myself or others, *Not recognizing or using divine law and principle, *Keeping chakras and lower bodies separated, *Vows in ignore a given chakra or body, *Resisting vertical, transpersonal positioning, *Resisting communion with Spirit, *Resisting full embodiment of Spirit, *Parasites, fungi, bacteria, microbes, mycoplasma and/or anything else which feeds upon my bodies or beingness which are not in alignment with my highest good…

Core Belief Issues

The following key words relate to some of the core beliefs and patterns to explore in the DNA work and to use with the Vow Break prayer:

•    Abandonment
•    Addiction
•    Aging and longevity
•    Aloneness
•    Anger, Rage, Resentment
•    Beauty, body-image, weight
•    Career and work
•    Defensiveness
•    Desirability
•    Doubt
•    Expression and communication with others
•    Fear
•    Gender
•    Health and sickness
•    Hate
•    Humanness
•    Imprisonment (feelings of being trapped in the physical body or being on Earth)
•    Intake (receipt of information, nutrients, energy)
•    Joy
•    Love
•    Money and abundance
•    Oaths and vows (e.g. poverty)
•    Pleasure
•    Power
•    Punishment
•    Relationships an intimacy and commitment
•    Sexuality
•    Spirituality and God and connection to Spirit
•    Truth (in self, in others, in Spirit)
•    Victimhood
•    Worthiness