Lecture Notes

News:The Ascension Process

The *Earth*Star*Ship* Ascension Web of Life Grid/Core/Matrix of Creation is now self-activating and self-creating the new Original Living Creation Civilization of the Mother Universe.

Here’s a recent post about personal and planetary Ascension


Ascension is the total merging (which we call spiritual embodiment) of living fully in conscious knowing, as Spirit in expression in your physical body. The ascension is the total merging of all bodies (body, motion, mind and spirit) with the will of your spirit which is connected to the Source of Creation, God. You are the living embodiment of God. It is this that Jesus experienced to become the Christ. You are inside of God instead of God being inside of you. It is at this place of integration you remember everything that is within you. As you tap more of your Divine Spirit here in the physical, the doors of consciousness are realized as unlimited. You are Eternal, Immortal, Ageless, Timeless, and Birthless. You are then a pure channel of the Divine energies of the Source. Sourcing from the Light, you are now connected with your spirit/soul and the Divine Beings on the other side of the veil. They are ever ready and willing to assist you here in your awakening, your service, and your function which you came to Earth to do. This will happen naturally and organically. You are here to assist in co-creating a new paradigm of consciousness on planet Earth. This is the shift (inner work) we have talked about; radically different, and on a collective level, has never been done on Earth before. You, as awakened beings of Light, are the builders of this new pathway of consciousness; being fully activated and set as the new frequency. This is how the energy of Truth, Love and Light spreads and expands throughout planet Earth!

You are then in alignment with the Divine Purpose and Plan for mankind.

Truly an evolutionary quantum leap here. Do you understand the impact of this Ascension? You, Earth Angels, are unstoppable forces of Light. You have much assistance from higher realms. Remember to ask, and know that you are always helped. You are never alone. You are needed in the physical to assist others who want the truth. Your mission is most important! Wake Up. Stay awake and connected to the Source of all Light. Our blessings and our Love be with each and every one of you. Be in Peace always.