Welcome to The Light Collective!

The following pages are filled with carefully chosen sacred prayers of Light, tools, and techniques that will assist you in your daily lives. These techniques get rid of destruction and help you to manifest what you want.

You are Light Workers.  All of you have a job to do assisting the planet Earth’s transition into “Heaven on Earth”, and in bringing in more Light into the world and within humanity.

Everything is moving to the point of UNITY. Anything that doesn’t match that point of unity is shaking loose. The ascension process can make us feel moody, spacey, fearful and achy. These techniques, prayers and tools offered are carefully tested and selected to help you feel more comfortable while going through life’s obstacles, as well as, your personal and Earth’s growing pains. Our DNA bodies and cells are changing into bodies of Light.

A Transition is beginning. 26,000 years of denial, negativity, lies and shallowness are ending and 26,000 years of Light, Truth and Love are coming in. The Piscean Age is ending, the Aquarian Age is beginning.

The techniques offered are to assist Light Workers in healing and protecting the planet and ourselves as the shift occurs.

It will take time to learn and memorize the techniques. Practice and do several daily.
Enjoy a brand new life!